Rail transport service to Eastern Europe

The railway service of Khadem rail is not limited to the CIS. In addition to our services, we provide rail services to Eastern Europe, ie the Caspian states

: Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kozur and Macedonia. It is possible to provide Rail service and delivery of goods to Eastern Europe with various and diverse wagons, roofed 29 thousand and long edge, short edge ,tanker wagon, platform and refrigerator.

Eastern European freight restrictions and routes are in accordance with UIC standards. Weight restrictions based on axes and based on announcement Route and movement organizations. But most of the European railways, which are connected to the wide railway, carry weights up to 65 tons. Rail transport in Eastern Europe is currently carried out by wagons from Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Russia, which are transported by rail attendant to the railway border under customers’request. On the Eastern European Railway, by connecting to major ports in Eastern Europe,

Khadem Rail in Khadem Logistics Holding can provide combined, road and sea services. Khadem Rail tries to provide additional services to customers by sending goods as Multilmodal type and directly with various wagons.