Rail transport and freight to Afghanistan by Khadem Rail

Afghanistan's best way of transportation due to its landlocked border is via Iran , Khadem Rail provides the following rail routes to Afghanistan :

Toshka, Targhandi (from Sarakhs to Targhandi and then Herat, Afghanistan)

Railway route of Imam Nazar, Aqineh, Andkhoy, Mazar-e-Sharif From Iran, Sarakhs, Incheh Boron to Imam Nazar then enters Afghanistan

- Railway route to Iran, Sarakhs or Incheh Borun, Farab, Khajeh Dolat, Brake, Hairatan and then to Uzbekistan, which is not affordable with the opening of Imam Nazar route. Iran Delaram, Herat, Afghanistan Railway, which is under construction and has not been opened yet. Rail Services of Khadem Rail in sending cargo to Afghanistan with roofed wagons 21 to 29 thousand long edges, platform short edge wagons, tank wagons and refrigerated wagons

The list of goods sent to Afghanistan are as followed

cement, construction supplies, food, sanitary ware, metals, round rods, hardware, etc. - Khadem Rail in the direction of sending goods to Afghanistan, the inner parts of Afghanistan, the cities of Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Kabul, Ghazni, Kandahar with direct shipping by Khadem Logistics Holding and Multilmodal of road and rail shipments Khadem rail provides Multimodal freight services to Afghanistan from different ports of the world to Bandar Abbas by sea and then by rail and truck transports to the interior of Afghanistan in transit.

Multilmodal rail services for export are also performed by the rail servant in the combination of rails and trucks