Rail transport to Central Asia by Khadem Rail

Middle East or countries including Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Transportation done from Iran stations and then the wagon is transported by a locomotive on the relevant railway line for loading and customs formalities.

The railway agent does the job for unloading, loading and customs services on behalf of the sender at the stations of origin. Customs formalities and issuance of rail bills of loading will move to the destination, including rail transit services and tracking of wagons along the route, which will be done at the customer's request for a fee.

Central Asia is a group of landlocked countries, its exit border railway of Turkmenistan and the only connection point of Central Asia with Iran is the borders of Lotfabad, Sarakhs and Incheh Borun. Rail transport to Central Asia has always been important for the export and import of goods in Central Asia. There are many cargoes to export to Central Asia countries including sulfur urea, minerals, cereals, metals and secondary refining oils. They send their petrochemical and petroleum products to other countries of the world through Iran and southern ports. The wagons are long edge, short edge, refrigerator, tank, platform and etc. from Central Asia bases for importing goods as well as for exporting goods.