Destinations of railway exports of the Caucasus republics

Rail services to the Caucasus republics are possible only from Astara. However, the Razi border can also be connected to Georgia through Turkey from time to time. Shipping and rail transportation to Azerbaijan first through Astara Iran, Astara Azerbaijan then serves Lankaran, Baku, Yolama and Ganja and connects to Russia from Yolama. Rail transport to Georgia for the routes of Tbilisi, Puti, Batumi is also of great importance for export and import goods from now on. However, there are currently rail restrictions between Iran and Armenia

Khadem Logistics Holding provides road services to Armenia with covered and reefer trucks at reasonable rates. The Julfa-Armenia railway, which connects to Russia, is currently closed and replaces the Astara railway. Transportation to Nakhchivan is currently done by road. Astara is very important in the western part of Iran. Astara is a road railway crossing as well as a new port for ocean transport, etc. from the Caspian Sea (North Asia). If an international airport is added to Astara, Astara will be the hub of the Caucasian republics Khadem Rail offers Rail Services through combined routes from Astara to the Caucasus Republics and also it offers combined routes for exports and transits abroad and domestically.