Goods to be exported to Russia:

The importance of rail transportation to Russia is for large amount of cargos and project shipments. The railway department provides rail services to Russia in following ways with well-known agencies in Russia. Freight and rail transport Corridor and strategic and important border of Sarakhs to Russia by passing through Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan Send freight and rail from Astara new route to Russia or cross Azerbaijan and then river to Russian rail network And rail transportation to Russia is possible from Asian combined routes, Amirabad port, Anzali port, Nowshahr port, to Astrakhan port in Russia and rail transportation from Astara Khan to the interior of Russia is possible. Rail transport by Incheh-Burun route takes place after passing through Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan and connecting to the Russian railway network.

including dairy products, foodstuffs, fruits vegetables, dates, nuts, etc. Goods imported from Russia: including: wheat, newsprint, sunflower seed oil, coal, semi-finished iron products Or non-extruded steels, petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons, unworked aluminum, diamonds, sawn or rough-hewn wood, refined copper and unworked copper alloys, platinum, mineral fertilizers or chemicals having one or two Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer, Turbojet, Nuclear Power Plant Components and Components, Tank Wagons, Light and Heavy Freight Wagons Open Railway with 60 cm High Detachable Walls, Crude Soybean Oil, Light Freight Wagons And heavy non-automotive, potassium chloride for oil wells, titanium dioxide for corn.